20 September 2011

Her Majesty's Privy Council

Notable NPCs of Novo Londinium. Most of them are dependent upon the Virgin Queen for their status and wealth.

  • Sir Robert Long, Lord Chancellor. Late 60s, softly spoken, suffers from a large goiter.
  • Lady Anne Deerhall, Lady High Treasurer. Mid 40s, grotesquely obese, laughs and titters constantly.
  • Sir Willaim Hancock, Lord President of the Council. Late 40s, florid, fond of strong drink.
  • Sir Robert Middleswood, Lord of the Privy Seal. Mid 40s, suffers from gout, fond of young children.
  • Lord Reynold Scroggsrow, Lord Great Chamberlain. Late 30s, pox ravaged skin, smells terrible. 
  • Lady Jane Frostcroft, Lady High Constable. Early 30s, widowed, only seen at night.
  • Sir Giles Marlefinger, Earl Marshall. Early 30s, lecherous, ill-mannered.
  • Sir Francis Begbie, Lord High Admiral. Early 30s, sociopathic, from the North.
  • Brother Vasilii, a foreign holy man, faithful servant of the Sleeping Dragon. Mid 30s, burning eyes, long beard.
  • Sir Francis Gorney, Royal Astrologer, Worshipful Master of the Order of the Trapezohedron. Early 70s, well preserved, suffers from arthritis.
  • Doctor William Fowler, Royal Physician, Most Excellent Master of the Order of the Trapezohedron. Mid 40s, fashionable, gourmand with unsettling tastes.
  • Lady Elinor Muttonreeve, friend and confidant to the Queen. At least 90, only woman to gain admittance to the Invisible College, confined to the palace due to her unusual medical condition.

Sir Francis Gorney, Royal Astrologer

Brother Vasilii

Doctor William Fowler

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