09 October 2011

inn-yards, coffee shops, and mugwump bars

(edited for clarity)
Submit your characters in the comments or by email at cosimovecchio at gmail dot com.

Over the next couple of weeks,  I will publish a series of posts meant to give a sense of the mood or flavor in which I'm interested.

The time period is the Age of Exploration. The game starts off in a city state that looks like 15th or 16th century London, but all the foreigners look like Erol Otus drew them. You can play a good citizen of Her Majesty, or a weirdo foreigner. I prefer the old style versions of D&D, and it's a FLAILSNAILS game, so use whatever. My only request is that you abide by the spirit of 3d6 in order. That, and that all spellcasters have signed the book of the Black Pharaoh. That's the price of magic.

Players have four basic choices for the first session:
1. Travel to a strange island. Hex and Dungeon crawl.
2. Accept a contract from an attorney representing a Masonic Brotherhood. They are having trouble with a rival organization recruiting members.
3. Attend an auction of foreign antiquities, as the hired entourage of a notorious factor.
4. Investigate the disappearance of an acquittance.

1 sets up a series of exploration sessions. The other 3 situations can probably be brought to some sort of resolution in one or two sessions.

I'm hoping to get a group of players together by mid-November.

08 October 2011

Planning a ConstantCon Google+ Game

(edited for clarity)
I'm slowly working on setting up a semi-regular ConstantCon game. It will be location based to accommodate a rotating cast of characters. At first, the PCs will have a choice between four different hooks. The game won't start till mid-November, so there's plenty of time to deal with getting some characters rolled up.

System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Initially it will be mostly the rules as written, except for no demihumans. Rather than front loading the house-rules, I'd like to see what happens by letting them develop through play.
Time: Probably on the weekends, each session to last around 2 hours. Starting mid-November.
FLAILSNAILS: Sure. Your half-elf dragon blooded whatever is just another vile foreigner, like that astrozombie wizard with the lazer pistol.
Setting: The Urth After the Rain thing I'm messing about with here. It's a mashup of pseudo-historical anachronisms, swords and saucers, Yog-Sothery, mad science, and SF. At least that's what it looks like from my perspective. I'm sure the players will just see it as a weird place full of loot and monsters to stab.