08 October 2011

Planning a ConstantCon Google+ Game

(edited for clarity)
I'm slowly working on setting up a semi-regular ConstantCon game. It will be location based to accommodate a rotating cast of characters. At first, the PCs will have a choice between four different hooks. The game won't start till mid-November, so there's plenty of time to deal with getting some characters rolled up.

System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Initially it will be mostly the rules as written, except for no demihumans. Rather than front loading the house-rules, I'd like to see what happens by letting them develop through play.
Time: Probably on the weekends, each session to last around 2 hours. Starting mid-November.
FLAILSNAILS: Sure. Your half-elf dragon blooded whatever is just another vile foreigner, like that astrozombie wizard with the lazer pistol.
Setting: The Urth After the Rain thing I'm messing about with here. It's a mashup of pseudo-historical anachronisms, swords and saucers, Yog-Sothery, mad science, and SF. At least that's what it looks like from my perspective. I'm sure the players will just see it as a weird place full of loot and monsters to stab.

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