28 September 2011

Area around Novus Londinium

First draft of a map depicting the general knowledge of the area around Novus Londinium.

  • The climate is on the colder, wetter side of temperate.
  • The eastern half of the island is quite dangerous, but the low mountains serve as a natural barrier which mostly contain the things that live in the woods.
  • The northern island, the Skull, is even more dangerous. Sailors and adventurous fools say it's haunted. Most who have attempted to explore the Skull, and have lived to tell about it, don't make it more than a mile or two in from the coast.
  • Beltrame's Isle and Glasswright's Isle were once home to alchemists. Both alchemists are long dead, although sailors claim to have seen smoke rising from both isles. No one in living memory has landed on either isle and returned to tell about it.
  • The Continent is off to the west. It is pseudo eastern-European or pseudo-Russian.

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