08 March 2012

Githyanki instead of elves

Both are into swords and magic, but Githyanki have the advantage of no happy-nature-treehouse-hippy baggage. The astral plane is close enough to Faerie. Maybe that's where all the crazy Fiend Folio monsters come from. I suppose that means Githyanki occasionally kidnap children and replace them with little Githyanki babies, or at least people think they do.

05 March 2012

Illithid Spies

Illithid aren't in the Fiend Folio, but it implies their existence so that's good enough. Besides, who'd want to play in a world without psychic-brain-eating-mini-cthulhus? In the process of converting Githyanki, I decided that there are Illithid agents everywhere, sort of like Red Agents in the 50s, but with more brain-eating and less communism.

Cell with extensive support network:
  • Chief of Station (villain)
  • 1-2 body guards (rabble)
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC)
  • 1-2 apprentices/Igors (rabble)
  • Head of Security (standard NPC)
  • 3-8 security (rabble)
  • 4-7 Case Officers (standard NPCs)
  • Each case officer has 1-4 sources. These are typically merchants, nobles, low to midlevel underworld figures, ship captains, or artisans. The sources work for the same reasons that anyone becomes a spy: money, ideology, coercion, ego. 
  • Head of Infastructure (standard NPC)
  • 3-8 support staff (rabble). Support staff  forge documents and seals, arrange transport, handle money, secure weapons and other material, arrange and maintain safe houses.

Cell with small network:
  • Chief of Station (villain).
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC).
  • Head of Security (standard NPC).
  • 3-6 security (rabble).
  • 2-3 Case Officers (standard NPCs), each with 1d4 sources.

Cell with little to no support:
  • Chief of Station (villain).
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC).
  • 2-3 Case Officers (standard NPCs). They may or may not have any sources yet.

04 March 2012

Githyanki for BoL

Rough notes for converting Githyanki to Barbarians of Lemuria.
Githyanki are:
1. Warlike.
2. Utter bastards.
3. They like sorcery as much as they like stabbing people.
4. Formerly enslaved by Illithids. Going out on a limb, the Illithids have neither forgiven nor forgotten.
5. Some of them are anti-paladins, so in addition to being sorcerers they are also religious in the 'I need to stab you for god' sense.
6. They dig swords. Probably because of the stabbing.
7. Extraplanar.
8. Ruled by a lich-queen. Why isn't every D&D race ruled by undead sorcerer jerks? New D&D theory: everywhere is ruled by liches, mummies, vampires, worm-things, or Joseph Curwen.

In BoL terms, Githyanki tend to be sorcerers, priests, alchemists, slaves, soldiers, and torturers. Thieves and assassins are uncommon. I'm guessing there aren't a lot of farmers. Maybe they have slaves to do that for them? That seems reasonable in a circle of abuse sort of way. Interdimensional jerk-ass slaver sorcerers who stab people for god!

All Githyanki have at least 5 arcane power points, and can travel between the Prime Material Plane and the Astral Plane at the cost of one arcane power point. When shifting between the planes, the Githyanki takes whatever they are carrying with them. If they don't have any points in sorcerer, that's all they can do with their arcane power points. If they are a sorcerer, this doesn't get them any extra points. This is Munchkin Bait. "Oh sure, you can go to the astral plane whenever you want. It's pretty sweet." If by 'pretty sweet' you mean 'swarming with Mi-Go.'

Fearsome Looks: Skull-faced-maniac-sorcerers from beyond space and time? Roll three dice when shaking people down. 
Trademark Weapon: As long you've got your magic silver sword from another dimension, roll three dice in combat. This is more Munchkin Bait. Sure, you've got an awesome magic sword that cuts people in half. Did I mention that there's a black market in those things?
Sorcerous Strength : 2 extra arcane power points.
Natural Sorcerer: roll three dice for sorcerery, must take an additional flaw.
Hard to kill : 2 extra lifeblood points

Arrogant: Warrior slavers with a penchant for sorcery tend to be jerks. Roll an extra die when dealing with non-Githyanki.
Untrustworthy: Everybody knows Githyanki will turn on you as soon as it's convenient. Roll an extra die when the situation calls for someone to believe or trust you.
Madness: Sorcery and planar travel are not good for your mental health. I'll jump at any excuse to use the Call of Cthulhu insanity tables.
Cravings: Mulled wine, black lotus powder, the blood of children, whatever. You need it daily, roll three dice if you don't get your fix. All sorcerers should take this so-called flaw. How is it a flaw for a sorcerer to be a junky?
Hunted: Illithid agents are everywhere. In any city or town, there s a 1 in 6 chance an Illithid agent has spotted you and your awesome silver sword. It was probably the awesome sword that tipped them off.

BoL has a few holes in it.

How long do bad-guys (or good-guys) burn when doused in oil? How much gold does the alchemist want for some jale spider venom? My plan is to use Barbarians of Lemuria as the core, and refer to D&D, AD&D, and retroclones when I need to know that sort of thing. That way rulings aren't totally arbitrary, and players can have some idea of what to expect.

Changes and hopefully a bit of new life

I've mostly been using this blog as a placeholder until I have enough free time to run a ConstantCon game. It rapidly become something that I would update later in the day, or maybe on Thursday when I wasn't so busy. Predictably, it become something I never updated as I never had the free time to schedule a game, much less recruit players or run one.

Rather than commit to time or game, I'm going to shift to writing up bits and pieces I'd like to use to run a mutated Barbarians of Lemuria game. It might even lead to enough material or ideas to playtest via ConstantCon.