05 November 2012

XP awards for current Stars Without Number game

 There's a missing mathematician, his research, and the shadowy forces that appear to have kidnapped him.

Recover the missing mathematician alive: 1,000 XP
Stop the mathematician from escaping: 500XP
Recover the research:1,000 XP
Understand the implications of the research: 250 XP
Lose the insurance, but stop anyone else from getting it: 500 XP
There are also three unsettling bits of information, each worth 250 XP points.

Life at Ix.

Planet IX, Ward's Star

On moonbases:

Mineshaft colonies, harnessing tidal forces for power, autonomous industry on the surface. Mostly settled by Japanese and Russian colonists.

In O'Neil cylinders:

Corporate enclaves. The top 500 all have official headquarters at Ix. Terrariums in space filled with nightmare suburban hell. The wealthiest baseline humans in the entire system play out whatever fantasies and amusements strike their fancy. Patrick Bateman would be in heaven. The old money families tend to be descended from Japanese colonists, and the new money from Russian colonists.

Inside hollow rocks:

Medium security corporate research facilities predominate. Ixian corporations are known for producing autonomous machinery, starships, cybernetics, and self replicating devices and software. Ethnically diverse, with many researchers from both the inner system and from other stars.

Aboard the Unflinching Eye of Heaven:

The Unflinching Eye of Heaven is a large cylindrical space habitat built shortly before the Collapse. The Eye survived the Collapse, and is at the high end of tech 5 or the low end of tech 6. The Eye is the seat of the Ixian Confederacy, and the largest population center in the Outer System. All residents of the Eye have a high standard of living, supported by the autonomous industrial capacity of the Eye. Most tech level 3 consumer goods are essentially free, but only in a limited range of styles. The pre-Collapse culture aboard the Eye was Russian and Japanese, with North American, Georgian, Indonesian, Romanian, and Peruvian minority groups.

National Geographic Star Survey #98567