26 July 2012

Hirelings From the Docks

Hirelings from the docks
It costs 1d6x10 gold to roll on the table. Cross off the hireling once they've been hired and replace them. I used one of the tables I found here as a starting point. Kilgore has a lot of useful PDFs up.

1. Nigel, a lotus powder addict. 2 HP, AC 10. Filthy, wielding a long sword (1d8), and and short bow (1d6). Willing to kill.
2. Gregor, a large bald man with cruel eyes. 5 HP, AC 14. Wearing a jack of plates (studded leather) and a buckler. Armed with a longsword (1d8) and a spear (1d6). Willing to kill.
3. Olaf, a northern berserker covered in crude blue and red tattoos. HP 6, AC 11. Wearing sandals, a loincloth and a small shield. "It's not that cold." Armed with a danish axe (1D8). Willing to kill.
4. Hamza, a green man from the south. 5 HP, AC 14. Wearing exotic foreign armor made of overlapping bronze scales sewn to boiled leather. Armed with a curved short sword (1d6) and a massive club covered in iron studs (1d8). Willing to kill.
5. Ingrid, a bone woman. 6 HP, AC 10. Jaunty pirate clothes, as well as a dashing hat. Armed with a cutlass (1d6). Willing to kill.
6. Brundergilta, a dwarven woman. 3 HP, AC 10. Wearing motley covered in rusty brown stains. Wielding a large mace (1d6). Willing to kill.
7. Mary, an aspiring robber. 2 HP, AC 12. Black leather armor, a mask, and a shock of red hair. Wielding a short sword (1d6) and a hatchet (1d6). Willing to kill.
8. Pip, a chimney sweep of indeterminate gender. 6 HP, AC 10, carrying a shiv fashioned from a piece of glass wrapped in a rag bound up with twine (1d4). Willing to act as a torch bearer, likely to bolt at the first sign of danger.
9. Samsa, a sullen wizard from the east. 4 HP. AC 10. Unshaven, unkempt, and apparently perpetually hungover. Smells terrible. Can cast Sleep once per day. Armed with a large knife (1d4). Willing to kill.
10. Sigmar, a cadaverous mugwump addict. 2 HP, AC 14. Wearing exotic armor fashioned from the hides of swamp lizards, wielding a mace (1d6). Willing to kill.

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