28 April 2012

What I know about New London

As the rest of the Fiend Folio isn't grabbing my attention, here's something different:
Detail from the cover of the Expert D&D book. Erol OTUS!
Flipping around, reading in little bits and pieces, the hex key jumped out at me:
Hex symbols from the Expert D&D book. MAPS!
Which made me realize I needed to get around to writing down what I know about New London.
1. It's a seaport.
2. It's been ruled by the Virgin Queen (It's like if Queen Elizabeth were a Bene-Gesserit stuck on a Mutant Future colony world but with less complex rules).
4. New Londoners, and the people in the towns and villages which they rule, are Elizabethans.
5. Foreigners are weird. Androids, bone-men, githyanki, Tom Waits type humans.
6. The City is engaged in a complicated game of espionage and piracy.
7. Spys and boats because they are a tiny maritime power surrounded by larger and weirder countries.
8. It's in the Mediterranean, but in the far future. Or the past. No one is really sure when it is.
9. Sorcerery is legal, but regulated.
10. There are many popular gods and cults. There's the Spider Queen and her priests, The Frog Gods, The Dancing Gods, The Fraternal Brotherhood of the Shining Trapezohedron, The Great Architect, The Black Pharaoh, The Great Eye, The Drowned Gods, The Gods of the Wood, etc. Gods of the X are always popular. For example: The Gods of the Hearth, or The Gods of the Kitchen, or The Gods of the Roads. Lots and lots of little gods.

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