05 March 2012

Illithid Spies

Illithid aren't in the Fiend Folio, but it implies their existence so that's good enough. Besides, who'd want to play in a world without psychic-brain-eating-mini-cthulhus? In the process of converting Githyanki, I decided that there are Illithid agents everywhere, sort of like Red Agents in the 50s, but with more brain-eating and less communism.

Cell with extensive support network:
  • Chief of Station (villain)
  • 1-2 body guards (rabble)
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC)
  • 1-2 apprentices/Igors (rabble)
  • Head of Security (standard NPC)
  • 3-8 security (rabble)
  • 4-7 Case Officers (standard NPCs)
  • Each case officer has 1-4 sources. These are typically merchants, nobles, low to midlevel underworld figures, ship captains, or artisans. The sources work for the same reasons that anyone becomes a spy: money, ideology, coercion, ego. 
  • Head of Infastructure (standard NPC)
  • 3-8 support staff (rabble). Support staff  forge documents and seals, arrange transport, handle money, secure weapons and other material, arrange and maintain safe houses.

Cell with small network:
  • Chief of Station (villain).
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC).
  • Head of Security (standard NPC).
  • 3-6 security (rabble).
  • 2-3 Case Officers (standard NPCs), each with 1d4 sources.

Cell with little to no support:
  • Chief of Station (villain).
  • Sorcerer (standard NPC).
  • 2-3 Case Officers (standard NPCs). They may or may not have any sources yet.

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